Dealing with life’s challenges

Life is full of challenges. Now, how you combat these challenges can make or break the situation. One of the biggest challenges that I had to endure was loving myself. It wasn’t until I started talking to my now partner that I realized that I picked on myself a lot and I always talked about … Continue reading Dealing with life’s challenges

What’s In My BUJO 2019

Last year, right before the ball dropped for 2018, I learned about Bullet Journaling. I was extremely interested because 1. I'm a planner and 2. I'm creative. What better way to keep track of my life than a cute bullet journal. I went to Barnes and Noble, picked up a pink bullet journal and started … Continue reading What’s In My BUJO 2019

2018 kicked my ass, but I’m grateful

2018 was my first year in the real world. I thought I would have everything under control because I am a naive millennial who thinks that she knows it all, but boy was I wrong. My first month of 2018, I was focused on moving out of my mother’s house. I was afraid because even … Continue reading 2018 kicked my ass, but I’m grateful