Invisalign Journey Pt. 4

Tray 1

The pain and discomfort didn’t hit me until I got home from work the first day and proceeded to take the trays out. My teeth and gums were so sore, it felt like someone was hitting me in my mouth over and over and over. 

I was so hungry and I remember I had macaroni and cheese, spinach and shrimp waiting for me. I dreamt about the food all day and was super excited to get home. After I shed a couple of tears taking out the trays, I drank water, heated up my food and called my mom. I had to make the conversation brief because my teeth hurt THAT much. 

The microwave went off and my food was ready. When I tried to bite into my shrimp, I guess I forgot about the attachment behind one of my teeth and bit down way too hard. I wanted to stop eating right there. That pain was unbearable. I took another swig of water, wishing it was vodka to help ease the pain. I ended up taking over an hour to eat. I can only have the trays out for 2 hours a day, so it annoyed me that all I could do was eat that one meal, drink my water and brush my teeth before I had to put them back in. 

I had trouble sleeping that night, but I knew the pain would be worth it in the end. 

By Day 4, it was getting easier to take the trays out and put them back in, I was getting excited because I knew that my teeth were moving where they were supposed to move. I didn’t have that much trouble eating, I just had to get used to the fact that water would be my best friend throughout the day and I would have to wait until I got home to eat. 

Near the end of tray 1, I went out on a date with my extremely supportive girlfriend. I decided that I would just take the tray off before we got to the restaurant and then as soon as we got home, brush my teeth and put it back in. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I still wasn’t able to eat as fast as I’m used to but it’s okay. 

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