Invisalign Journey Pt. 3

I made sure that my phone was on, that my voicemail notifications were on and that my phone was on vibrate or that the ringer would come on, AND I STILL MISSED THE CALL. I just so happened to look through my voicemail to see that my orthodontist called me 5 days ago. The message said, “You’re Invisalign is ready! Call us back to set up an appointment to come in and get them.” 

The office closed at 6 and I listened to the message at 6:05 p.m. 

Of course. 

I was anxious and way too excited now. The next day, I called soon after the office opened and set my appointment for the following Tuesday. The weekend went by slow, Monday went by slow, but it was finally Tuesday. I went into work, because I didn’t want to work from home or take the day off, I had a meeting with my manager and then it was time to go. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my job is far from the orthodontists office so it would take about 50 minutes to an hour to get there. 

The journey was long, but I finally made it to the office. As usual I was greeted with smiling faces and my excitement was matched! The orthodontist walked me through everything. 

The orthodontist shaved space between some of my bottom teeth so that there would be more space to move. When I tell you that it hurt!!! It hurt like crazy. Anyway, it was time to get a quick cleanup and then apply the first set of trays. 

The technician put the trays on my teeth and it was a little uncomfortable. He told me the best ways to take them out and put them in. Then it was time for me to go. My teeth hurt or uncomfortable, rather. It also didn’t help that it was cold outside and every time I opened my mouth, I felt a shiver. 

On the train ride home, however, all I could do was smile at the thought of the beginning of this journey. 

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