Invisalign Journey Pt. 2

October 4, 2019 the big day! I made sure to work from home because the orthodontist is closer to my apartment than it is to my job. I was so excited to get this process started. 

Of course, MTA was being its usual self and I ended up 3 minutes late, but that little annoyance could not get me down.  I waited in the waiting room for about 10 minutes before I was seen. I gave in my deposit, received my contract and care instructions and then went into the examination room. 

My orthodontist thoroughly went through what the process was going to be like. I was going to take photos, scans and x-rays and it was going to take no longer than 30 minutes. 

First, I sat down in the chair and the hygienist came in and took pictures of my face. One smiling and the other not. I guess because the shape of my face will change once the treatment is over. Then, I sat down and he put the plastic thing in my mouth so that it stays open (I’m not sure of the name, if you know it please comment) and he could see all of my teeth. He took a picture of that as well. 

Then the scanning began. I was impressed at the high-tech element of what was going on. Instead of impressions for my teeth, this camera was going in my mouth and scanning every inch so that the Invisalign would be accurate. I stayed as still as possible, hoping that nothing would get messed up. It was a little uncomfortable having to keep my mouth open for about 7 minutes, but I got over it. 

Finally, it was time for the x-rays. I had one that x-rayed my teeth and then the other one where I had to stand up and the machine moved around my head and I had to stay still. Once that was over, I met with the orthodontist and he told me my first trays would be read for me in 3-5 weeks. 

Photo by Pietro Jeng from Pexels

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