My Invisalign Journey Part 1.

It’s finally happening! 

“What’s happening, Tabia?” 

I am so glad that you asked. I am finally closing my gap. 

I never got teased for my gap, but over the years it has gotten bigger and I’ve started to dislike the way I looked with it. I complained to my mother countless times about it, but all she would say was how cute it was. 

I understand I’m cute and you think that the gap adds character or whatever it is that you’re thinking, but the gap started to become a real problem when my two front teeth starting jamming into my other teeth causing pain and a damned bigger problem. 

One day, I was scrolling on Instagram and saw that my friend from graduate school just got her braces off. She tagged her orthodontist in the photo and I decided to take a look. The office wasn’t far from my apartment and they offered a free consultation. That was my sign.

I immediately went on the website and scheduled my consultation. A couple of weeks later, I was in the office meeting the friendliest medical office staff that I’ve ever met. They let me know the deal, how much Invisalign would be vs. traditional braces. I already knew in my mind and in my heart that the traditional route was not for me. I cried at the thought of how much money I would be paying, but I knew that it would totally pay off in the end. 

I went home and made a plan to save the money so that I could get the first tray soon after my birthday. I could’ve done it before, but I was going on vacation and I didn’t want to be in pain. 

Once I had my savings plan, I called the office and made an appointment for my x-rays and scans. October 4 was going to be the big day and I couldn’t wait. 

Part 2 coming soon….

Photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels

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