What I wished I knew as a college freshman

For those of you don’t know, I am a first generation college graduate. I graduated back in may 2016.

Being that I was the first in my family to college a lot of things that my peers knew, I didn’t.

1.You will most likely change your major.

I started out as a History major because I am a history buff and besides English, History was my favorite course in high school. I thought that I was going to be either a high school History teacher or even use the degree to get into Law School. I graduated with a BA in Journalism.

2. Networking does wonders

Nobody really ever taught me about networking, and if they did I was too shy to even act on it. Some of the best things that I’ve encountered in life was as a result of networking with people. So get out of your dorm room, break away from the friends that you know from back home and get to networking.

3. Books are expensive

So yes, books are extremely expensive and it also depends on the major that you choose. I noticed that my History and Africana Studies books were expensive compared to my Journalism books. You pay for access codes, text books, etc. There is a good way out of paying full price. Ask a friend, RENT the book, or find an online version if you are able to.

4. Go to office hours

This is important. I didn’t realize how important this was until my sophomore year. I was struggling in a class and I didn’t know anyone in the class so I figured going to office hours would help. When I got there the professor was happy and told me I was the first student to come to him for the entire semester. By this time it was March. After he helped me, we had a conversation about my goals and aspirations and about how he’d reached his goals. This professor actually wrote a great recommendation for my grad school career. See how that worked out for me? Oh and I went from a C to an A in the class.

5. The freshman 15 is real and it happens…

No matter how hard you try. At my alma mater as freshmen you automatically get the unlimited meal plan. Unlimited food, munch money and you can eat at whichever dining hall you want as long as it’s open. I remember in my first week I REFUSED to go to the dining hall and eat. My friends laughed at me and tried to get me to be normal and eat. Eventually I did and I blew up. The summer after my freshman year was over I was 2 sizes bigger than when i started school.

For my other college graduates and upperclassmen, can you relate? What are some things you wished you knew as a freshman?

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