5 must-haves for my bag

Godisable Jacob


I know that everyone more or less has certain things that they must have in their bag everyday.

Here’s a list of mine.

Water bottle

If I don’t have my water bottle with me, it will be a hassle for me to drink water. My mom knows how much water I try to drink in a day. Honestly, water is the only thing that I drink. She bought me a Corkcicle bottle 32 oz that can keep hot beverages hot for 9+ hours and cold beverages cold for 3+ hours. I use this bottle everyday and it’s amazing and I don’t go anywhere without it.


My big head is full of ideas and when I need to get them out I definitely need to write them down. Yes, sometimes I write them down in my notes on my phone, but eventually they go in the notebook.

Lip gloss

Carmex is all good and well, to keep these lips moisturized. However, if I want to spice it up a bit, I need to have my Fenty lipgloss in my bag. If I want to feel cute, I’m going out after work or if I have a work meeting then I’ll put the lipgloss on and go about my business.


Who wants to be ashy? Not me. I always have to have lotion in my bag. I’ve noticed that a lot of the soap that they have in public restrooms is extremely drying. I can’t write on paper or even type with dry hands. It makes me feel icky. I carry a Jergens bottle of lotion and my Alien by Thierry Mugler lotion because I love how it smells.


“You’re so bougie for wearing sunglasses in the winter.” How dumb do you sound when even though it’s 8 degrees, the sun is still shining. My eyes are extremely sensitive so having sunglasses is very important for me. You never know when the sun is going to shine. This NYC sun really gets to beaming so it’s essential for me.

What are some things that you must have in your bag? Comment below and let me know.

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