What inspires me?

photo by: Jane Pham

I have been so inspired lately by the people around me who are doing the damn thing.

My friends, former classmates, acquaintances, etc. really inspire me. These are people that I’ve grown up with, went to school with and went to church with. All are men and women who are reaching the goals that they have set for themselves.

Whenever I’m feeling like I can’t do something, or I’m feeling lazy I go on my Instagram feed and it gets me right back to reality.

Some of my friends are entrepreneurs with their own beauty lines, Youtube accounts, jewelry business, general merchandise business. I have other friends who are in school and studying what they love so that they could make a difference in their lives and in this world. I also have friends who are in their careers, doing what they love and making money to support their lifestyles.

When I look at my friends and see where a lot of us started and how we’ve ended up, I have no choice but to be happy, proud and inspired. I don’t tell them everyday, but I want my friends, acquaintances, and former classmates to know that their drive is also what keeps me going. Maybe I too will inspire someone.  

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