January Challenge: No new things

Welcome to my monthly challenge series. At the end of every month this year, I’m going to reveal what challenge I put myself up to and tell you how I did.

For this beautiful first month of the year, I decided to do a “no new things” challenge. Basically, I wasn’t going to buy new shoes, new clothes, makeup, skincare or hair.

How did I do?

I FAILED Y’ALL. Laugh with me.

I did very well during the first two weeks. I kept track of my finances, I still do, then little miss Robyn Rihanna Fenty dropped a foundation and concealer in my undertone, then I came across a nail polish that I just HAD to have and then I picked up skin care products to target my hyperpigmentation.

Yes, I hindsight, I could’ve waited until next month when I moved on to a new challenge, but it’s hard. That’s why it’s called a challenge. The good thing about this challenge was that I was more aware of where my money was going. I have been writing down all of my transactions in my BuJo to keep track.

Are any of you doing any monthly challenges this year? What was the January challenge? If not, would you adopt a challenge for the months ahead? I’d love to know.

2 thoughts on “January Challenge: No new things

  1. I didn’t set any goals for January but that’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll start a workout challenge, I’ll see if I stick to it.


    1. Hi Brittney! Thank you for your comment. Maybe start small with the workout challenge (50 squats a day or something) that could be easy to stick to. Keep me updated.


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