How I cleaned up my diet

It’s very interesting, the things that all of us would do to lose weight. This includes fad diets, starving ourselves, drinking teas and taking pills. When the major key is, cleaning up your diet. During my time in college,especially senior year,  I was doing all of the above. Well not all of the above. I was basically starving myself and doing the most in the gym. Which was yielding results for my body, but I was hungry and tired. So I decided to stop being a fool and clean up my diet. I was living in an on-campus apartment and I had access to a kitchen. I love to cook so that wasn’t a problem and in my senior year, after I finished my graduate school applications and testing, I had a lot of free time.

I decided to do my research and find foods that I liked that would make perfect meals. Pinterest was my best friend during this time. I have no issues eating vegetables, in fact, as a young child I’d rather eat vegetables than eat meat. My family really doesn’t eat meat that much anyway. Family meals growing up consisted of a vegetable, fish or chicken and rice. I wanted to echo that in the food that I was going to be making as well.

I love junk food, who doesn’t? I had to make a lot of sacrifices if I wanted this to work. I had to swap out chips and cheese doodles for sunflower seeds, I had to use grapefruit to curb my sweet tooth, but the hardest thing of all? LOSING THE FRENCH FRIES. This is actually one of the hardest things for me TO. THIS. DAY.

Anyway, I had a plan and I wanted to stick to it. So I went to Walmart every week and more or less picked up the same things from the grocery section.

Here’s what my list looked like most of the time:





String Beans

Sweet Potato



Tilapia (I don’t eat it anymore)






Almond Milk


Brown Rice




Clementines (when in season)


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