My favorite snacks

I snack A LOT. I’d actually rather nibble and snack on food here and there than eat a full course meal.

Especially, sitting at a desk all day (I know it’s bad) eating a meal is somewhat out of the question. So here is a list of my favorite snacks. Please, feel free to comment below on your favorite snacks as well, we might share some in common.

  1. Sunflower Seeds


This is more of an addiction, I believe it started in junior or senior year of college. I would go to Rite Aid, a couple of steps from my apartment, and buy bags of the jumbo original flavored David’s seeds. There were days where I didn’t have time to cook so I’d just eat those and it would satisfy my hunger. I’ve since stopped eating them as a meal replacement, but they are still my favorite snack, oh and no flavored ones please.

2. Quaker Chewy Bars- S’mores


I can eat a box of these in one sitting, of course I do not recommend this but they are so good. To me this is the best flavor, they are so soft and really have a s’mores flavor. If this is given out an an event, I’ll be the first one in line.

3. Plums


Plums are probably my favorite fruit and the easiest thing to wash and throw in my bag for work. I love it when they’re cold, crunchy and just a tad juicy and sweet.

4. Ritz Crackers


This is the last snack on the list. I love Ritz crackers, but the original flavor only and with salt. I eat these by themselves, with cheese, with turkey and cheese and sometimes even with guacamole.


What are your favorite snacks?

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