To My High School Students…

I’ve been working at my old high school as a College Coach since September. I remember when I got the job in August how excited I was to meet all 137 of my students and help them through the college process. I would be with them the entire school year and for the first month of their freshman year of college. I wanted to make a good impression on them, the bright eyed, curious pupils I call my babies.

The other day during one of their lunch periods I found myself giving college advice to a group of 5. They all know I went to SUNY Albany, which is considered the party SUNY or the lit SUNY and they wanted to know how I survived college. So here’s a letter to them, a letter of advice on how I survived.

Dear Students,

Like many of you, I was going to be the first in my immediate family to go to college. My mom and grandma were super excited, but as many of your parents are today, they were scared. Not only was I going to college, but I was going away. Three hours to be exact.

None of us knew what to expect because there was no one to ask and also, everyone has their own experiences. So here are some tips to help you get through what might be the best four, five, six (there is no time limit) years of your life.

1.Books before boys.

You might laugh, but I’m serious. Your books, your education is always going to be there, that boy may not be. I had a boyfriend in my first week of college, he was from back home. When I realized my work was more important than him, I dropped him like a hot potato. Look at me now, 2 degrees later and I’m happy.

2. The world won’t end if you miss that party.

Trust me, I’ve missed my share of parties, programs, probates and other events because I had a test coming up or an essay that needed to be handed in on deadline. It’s. O. K. There will be other times.

3. You will outgrow people.

It’s going to happen. Friends that you had in high school and freshman year are not going to be there when you graduate. It’s the harsh reality. It doesn’t happen to every friend, but it’s bound to happen.

4. If you’re going away…call your loved ones please.

I called my grandmother and mother every Sunday for the four years that I was away. Yes, I texted my mom every single say, but your family just really wants to hear your voice. Take five minutes out of your day to make them smile.

5. You’re most likely going to change your major.

I changed my major three times. Africana Studies then History then Journalism. I rotated them from majors to minors so I was able to graduate on time and still pursue my passion. Just know, it’s bound to happen young ones. You might enter as a Psychology major and graduate with a B.S. in Economics.

6. Go to the gym…or do some form of exercise

The freshman 15 is real y’all. I’ve experienced it and it took two years for me to get it off. I didn’t go to the gym until my junior year because I was too afraid of judgement. WHO CARES? Everyone in the gym is working on a goal. Remember tunnel vision.

That’s all for now. If you have any advice for my seniors comment down below. I’d love to read the responses.


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