Something I thought a lot about as a child was…

What I would look like.

I know that’s kind of weird for a child to be thinking about, but I have a great reason. I just wanted to know what parent I was going to look like.

In the featured photo of this post, I don’t look like either parent. By this time I had met all of my older siblings and I noticed one thing, I was the darkest. My daddy, aka my twin, is dark skin and I am the only dark skinned child. On the other hand, my mom is light. So when I started to get older and my skin progressively got darker, I wondered what I was going to look like as an adult.

Would my skin magically lighten up like my siblings, would my gap close, would I wear glasses like the rest of my siblings, would I still be skinny, would my hair be long and straight or long and curly? I just wanted to know.

I’m kind of happy with how I turned out after all.

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