We’re Going On A Trip

Not really, but here are five places that I would LOVE to go! Let’s get started.



Let’s get into this European beauty. Look at that water, that scenery, the buildings. Everything is so beautiful. And don’t get me started on Greek food. I had a friend in middle school who was from Greece and I went to his house for dinner with my mom and WOW. Delicious food for days. So yes, Greece is on my travel list.



Bora freaking Bora is a must. I’ve been wanting to travel here for a couple of years now. To me it’s one of those baecation destinations, so I was waiting for the one. Recently, one of my favorite YouTube couples went to Bora Bora and they vlogged their experience. I don’t smile often, but while watching that video I was smiling so hard my cheeks hurt.




My best friend and I want to go here because we are big fans of Drake. She really wants to go because she thinks she’ll run into Drake and he’ll ask her to marry her. A girl can dream right? Anyway, Toronto 2k18 has to happen. I’m ready to run through the 6 with my woes.



Yup! Most of my friends are Dominican thanks to high school. I love them, I love their culture and their all baddies. When I go to DR, I’m definitely going to come back a baddie after I finish eating mangu con salami y patacones and everything else.



I just want to visit LA to see what the hype is about, to be very honest. Also, I want to soak up some sun and live like a California girl.



One thought on “We’re Going On A Trip

  1. I love your post! I love to travel as well and most of those are on my “places to go list”. I vacationed in LA in 2016. I loved it out there. The weather is perfect. Not too cool and not too hot. Sometimes at night you may even need a little jacket on and we were there mid summer. No humidity and that was great being that I’m from Virginia and the mountains. It’s a ton of stuff to do out there but it’s different than what you see in the movies and that part shocked me. Perhaps, I’ll blog about it! 🙂 Keep us posted on your travels.


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