One Month Later

e5a73755c3f696d2c3077ce66f55b979--number-tattoo-fonts--tattoo-numberI’m already a month into 23. 23 has been nothing but a shit show so far and it’s really freaking hilarious to me, to be VERY honest.

On the bright side, in my birthday blog post I said I would do three things and I HAVE actually been doing them. Click here to read that one.

So far in this month I’ve started a new job, started cleaning up my diet, got a new personal trainer, STARTED SCHOOL, gotten a scary wake up call (that’s going to be its own post), had some strains in my relationship, became unapologetically me (some people say I’m savage or out of line or my mouth is reckless), been threatened with getting kicked out of my house (trust me I don’t want to stay there), changed banks, felt like shit, felt happy, been depressed, etc.

It hasn’t been that great of a month, but right now I’m looking forward to the future. I have so much to look forward to and one of them being GRADUATION 96 days from today. So I’m on my grind right now with that. I’m taking control of my health both physical and mental because I’d like to think I have a lot to live for. I’ve finally started focusing on writing my book, it’s been a long time coming and after this crazy ass summer I couldn’t really do anything.

Anyway, it’s only been a month so I have time to make 23 my best year yet. So let’s do this.

Thanks for listening.

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