Omg, I’m 23

I turned 23 last Thursday and honestly these past 3 days haven’t been all what I’ve expected, but I’m not going to let that deter me from reaching my goals.

I’m looking forward to growing a lot in this year. Change and growth is super uncomfortable, but I’m ready.

I’ve already started some changes. I’ve cut my hair, started wearing clothes that weren’t black, and started planning for my future. That’s just to name a few.

So this year I want to do three things that I can hopefully stick to and it’ll make me into a better person. I just want to be a person who doesn’t only look like they have it together, but who actually has their shit together.

Stick to a good diet and workout plan.

Staying healthy and fit is really important to me and I’d really like to stick to a plan. In the future I want to be one of those fit, hot moms. My oldest niece always tells me I’m the “hot aunt” so I need to keep it that way.

Be vulnerable with my feelings. 

In my 22nd year I learned that I really suppressed my feelings and it caused a lot of problems in a lot of my relationships (friendships and family included). So, it’s time for me to open up to everyone and hold nothing back. I can’t be happy if I’m holding things in. No ma’am.

Be unapologetically me!

I’m kind of tired of trying to fit the mold in which people think I should be, especially my family. My mom and grandmother have these expectations of me that I can no longer uphold because I’m not that person anymore. I can no longer live up to other peoples expectations and I have to live for me. Thank God I have friends, a girlfriend and family who love me..for me.

Those may seem like small changes to some people, but for me they’re pretty big. I’m optimistic that I can do it and start living the best life I can live.

Thanks for listening.

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