Saying Goodbye to 22

I turn 23 in three days and to be quite honest, I’m scared. Your girl is really getting older and there’s no turning back now.

So instead of moping, I decided to reflect on all of the good things that happened to me this year. Hopefully, I can look back and realize how much of a good year I had and then I’d only hope for an even better 23rd year.

Reflection time

August 2016

  • I turned 22.
  • I started graduate school, one of the youngest in the class.


  • Continued to flourish in school.
  • Made some really close friends at J-school (Hey Kayla, KeKe, DeWayne and Stef).


  • First museum date with Shi.
  • Walked for breast cancer after 2 years of not being able to.


  • First Thanksgiving home in 3 years (yay food).
  • I covered a marathon (that was fun).
  • Met and interviewed the Mayor


  • I scored my first “big girl” reporting job (LOVE IT).
  • First semester of grad school done (Hallelujah I survived)


  • Happy New Year
  • spent five days upstate with Shi.
  • started second semester


  • My first real Valentine’s Day
  • Declared myself an urban reporting student (education to be exact)


  • Met some important journalists
  • Decided to change my career choice and start interviewing for said choice.


  • landed a job in above mentioned career choice. (YAY ME big girl job dos).
  • took a 10-day family cruise


  • visited and fell in love with Hudson Yards (google it)
  • I watched Shi graduate from college.
  • I survived my first year of graduate school
  • I started my internship


  • started the groundwork for my book and business
  • had my first “grown up” sleepover
  • went to Pride 🙂
  • had lunch with my daddy and siblings after almost 4 years of not seeing him


  • first time seeing the fireworks in person (somewhat)
  • celebrated 1 year with the LOML

SO YEAH!!! 22 wasn’t so bad, I’m excited for 23, and scared, but mostly excited. I have made up my mind about some things that I want to change and what I want to accomplish at 23, which I won’t share, but I’m doing it to better myself and to have better relationships with the people in my life.


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