My Fitness Routine


Today I’m going to share my fitness routine. It changes depending on what muscle groups I’m working.

Before the gym 

I either eat very light or I drink my Cookies and Cream protein. Sometimes, if I’m going to the gym after a long day, I drink my BCAA’s to give me energy and so that my muscles aren’t too sore after the workout.

At the gym

I start out with cardio. Cardio is my least favorite thing to do but it needs to be done. Since I do it for a short amount of time, I think it’s important that I get the most out of it. When I’m on the treadmill I start out slow for two minutes then I either incline to 15 and walk slow to work my hamstrings and glutes or I run at a 2.5 incline. I like to do walk runs because it’s easy on my joints. When I’m on the bike I turn the resistance up to 6 after five minutes on one as a warmup. It takes me 7 minutes to start sweating profusely on the bike and actually it’s my favorite form of cardio, other than walking on the Brooklyn Bridge. I also use the elliptical and stair master when I really want to challenge myself. I like to use the elliptical for a quick sweat session and I like to go backwards to work the booty. On the stair master I like doing different moves to work my booty and my calves.


Chest, Shoulders and Triceps: 

Chest Press 3×15 start 25 lbs, last set until failure

Shoulder Press 3×15 start 20 lbs last set until failure

Tricep Pulldown 3×21 at 30 lbs last set until failure; 3×21 at 40 lbs last set until failure

Push ups 50

Back, Biceps and Abs: 

Lat Pulldown 4×15 at 50 lbs, last set until failure

Bicep Curls 3×21 at 40 lbs, last set until failure

Ab machine: 3×21 at 30-45 lbs, last set until failure

Oblique machine: 3×21 at 70 lbs, alternating sides last set until failure

Leg Day:  

Leg Press Machine: 3×15 at 10 lbs to start; 3×15 at 50 wide, narrow and regular stance until failure

Leg Curl 3×21 at 10 lbs (daddy’s orders because of my knee injury)

Leg extension 3×21 at 40 lbs

Squats on Smith’s Machine starting at 50 lbs

Deadlift on Smith’s Machine starting at 50 lbs


Squats on Smith’s Machine

Glutes pushback machine 3×21 at 55 lbs alternating sides


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