What was one of the most defining moments of your life, perhaps a moment that changed you forever or a moment that took you down a different course, anything.


Before Moira passed away, I didn’t have much personal experience with losing someone who was my friend. But her death taught me lessons about how to live everyday to the fullest and how to look on the bright side of things.

Moira was one of my sweetest friends. She never complained, she always had a smile on her face and if you were mad or sad, her presence would turn your mood around. She was a breath of fresh air in a world where mostly everyone had an attitude about something going wrong in their life. She was a great cheerleader (she was my flyer and I was her backspot), a phenomenal Latin dancer and she was very smart.

After we graduated from high school, I kept in touch with her occasionally. The random Facebook message or comment, a random text every now and then and a “like” on Instagram every now and then. About two years later she announced that she would be moving back to Argentina. Although I was sad she would be far away, I was happy for her. Any move is exciting.

July 13, 2015 after a long day at work, I was sitting home with my mom laughing and watching “King of Queens” and I received the news that she passed away. I cried for hours and I am still in mourning more than one year later.

Her death really changed me. After she died I started to realize that every battle is not to be fought. I shouldn’t get mad at the little things because thats not what she did in her short life. None of us knows how long we have to live and we all say we’re going to live our lives to the fullest, but do we? Everyday I am learning to do things and say things that I want to do and say. I haven’t made a bucket list because I’m not that adventurous, but I have opened myself up to things that I wouldn’t have done just two years ago. She taught me things in life and she’s teaching me things in her death.

Thank you Moira, I love you.

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