What’s the story behind your name?


Okay so let me start by saying that I really don’t like my first name. It’s just too hard to pronounce for some people and I don’t really have the patience to keep correcting people. But, that’s just me being impatient. Anyway, my mom found my first name in a Swahili book. It was at a time where she was very black power and empowered and all of that and she wanted her child to have an Afrocentric name.

Tabia means ‘born with talent’ or just ‘talented’. And I guess I live up to my name. For anyone reading this who doesn’t know me, I pronounce it Tay-Bee-Yuh. It’s generally supposed to be pronounce Tuh-Bee-Yuh, but my mom always has to put her own spin on things. It’s okay though because I can have nicknames like “Tay” and “Tabes”.

I love my middle name, Celena. I didn’t find out the meaning behind it until I was in 5th grade. I should’ve really figured it out, but it wasn’t as obvious to me as it is now. My grandmother’s name is Celestina and we’re Panamanian so she wanted to give me a somewhat “Latina” name.

I love when people call me Celena. Only my mom and one other person calls me by my middle name. You have to be a special person to call me Celena because a lot of people don’t even know my middle name.

But yes, that’s the story behind my name.

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