I Love You Christmas

What is your favorite holiday and why?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, yes I know that statement is cliché, but to me it is. Christmas.

The first time I celebrated Christmas I was 4 months old. What did I know about Christmas? Absolutely nothing. However, I gained a lot of toys and books that day, pictures tell me that of course, and I had fun playing with them.

When I got older, say around two years old, my mom and grandma would take me with them to the 6 AM Christmas service. By this time, I knew what Christmas was and I knew that once I left church I would be going home to eat breakfast and open loads of toys, clothes and my favorite, books!

Christmas is the perfect holiday for the only child and grandchild in the house. I got everything!! I was never one to ask for anything, but somehow mommy and nana always knew what to get me.

As I got older and I could also buy gifts for my parents and grandparents that’s when my love for Christmas started to grow. I would walk into any and every store and hearing Christmas carols and instantly be filled with joy.

At home, my grandmother turned on the radio and I knew the words to every single song. Every version. Every note. Every beat. Every. Single. Song.

Today, much hasn’t changed. I love Christmas. I come home for the Christmas concert at my church. I watch all the Christmas movies. I sing all the carols. I wear all of the ugly sweaters. I go to the Christmas parties. I am Christmas and Christmas is me.

Now let me go countdown till Christmas.

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